5.3% ABV 17 IBU 3 SRM


OG:1.054 FG:1.014
Amount Name
2.60 kg
Pilsner (2 Row) Bel
2.25 kg
Wheat, White Flour
0.25 kg
Oats, Flaked


IBUs Name Time
15 ibus
60 mins
2 ibus
Goldings, East Kent
10 mins
Goldings, East Kent
0 mins


Amount Name Time
1.00 tsp
Table Salt
30 mins
19.00 g
Orange Peel, Bitter
20 mins
17.00 g
Coriander Seed
10 mins
0.50 Items
Whirlfloc Tablet
5 mins
19.00 g
Orange Peel, Bitter
0 mins
8.00 g
Coriander Seed
0 mins
0.25 tsp
0 mins


ID Name
SafAle German Ale

Brewing Notes

Prepare a 5% sour mash 2 days before brew day, and added to the mash.

Mash Schedule
A 2 1/2 decoction is employed. Water is treated with salts to 50ppm Ca. Sodium Bimet added to stop oxidation. Mix in 2.5 L/kg of grain.
1.  0.75kg of crushed grain is heated to 50C. All the flour mixed in. Raised to 68C and held for 30 mins.
2.  This is added to rest of grain and water. Temperature levels out to around mid 40C. Hold for 30 mins.
3.  Lift 25%. Raise to 70C for 20 mins, then boil for 5 mins. Add back to mash.
4.  Temp will level out at 50C. Hold for 30 mins.
5.  Lift 40% of mash, raise to 70C, hold for 30 mins, and boil for 5 mins.
6.  Temp levels out at 68C, hold for an hour, then sparge.

Bottle slowly to try and reduce foaming.
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