5.5% ABV 38 IBU 8 SRM


OG:1.055 FG:1.013
Amount Name
2.70 kg
Pale Malt, Ale (Joe White)
1.05 kg
Pilsner (Barrett Burston)
0.95 kg
Rye Malt (Weyermann)
0.30 kg
Carared (Weyermann)
0.20 kg
Crystal Malt, Light (Bairds)
0.10 kg
Carapils/Carafoam (Weyermann)
0.10 kg
Wheat Malt (Barrett Burston)


IBUs Name Time
25 ibus
60 mins
7 ibus
Mt. Hood
30 mins
3 ibus
Mt. Hood
15 mins
3 ibus
Mt. Hood
20 mins
Dry Hop


Amount Name Time
5.00 g
5.2 Stabiliser
1.00 tsp
Table Salt
30 mins
0.50 Items
Whirlfloc Tablet
5 mins
0.50 g
Isinglass (Powder)


ID Name
SafAle American Ale


Step Temp Type Time
50.0 C
15 mins
67.0 C
60 mins

Brewing Notes

I think I forgot the dry hop addition. Make sure it goes into the next attempt.

Needs more Carared since it is still quite amber in colour. Try increasing up to 7-8%.
Remove the Carapils and replace with equivalent wheat.
Try going 50/50 on the Pale and Pilsner. This could end up being all Pilsner in the end.

The Rye level is just right with a well balanced level of spiciness. This may increase as I start trying to replace the Pale with Pilsner.
Hops are very well balanced, but will see how the dry hop addition which I think I forgot goes.
As it is clearing it is becoming more sessionable, and using more Pilsner may help this more.
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