4.2% ABV 21 IBU 4 SRM


OG:1.045 FG:1.013
Amount Name
2.80 kg
Liquid Sorghum Extract (Briess)


IBUs Name Time
19 ibus
Pride of Ringwood
60 mins
2 ibus
Amarillo Gold
15 mins
Amarillo Gold
0 mins


ID Name
SafAle American Ale

Brewing Notes

0.4kg of honey added to batch 2.

Straight sorghum - FG 1.013, bottled 02/03/08 - Tastes a little sour. Hoping the Honey version is a bit sweeter, and more paletable to drink.
Honey sorghum - FG 1.008, bottled 14/03/2008 - No distinct honey flavour, but just enough to overpower the sourness.
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